Click HERE to view some of the rules and guidelines for living in housing at Western Texas College. تحميل يوتيوب
نظام نور
Click HERE to view some of the suggested items to bring.
مباريات اليوم
Western Texas College provides an on-campus Health Clinic.  For more information click HERE.
Western Texas College also has an agreement with Cogdell Family Clinic.  You will need to provide your Westerner Card.  تنزيل واتس اب
To make an appointment, you will need to call (325) 573-1300 M-Th.  Mon-Sat you may use their walk-in clinic.
تنزيل سينمانا
Yes.  Coin operated washers and dryers are provided in Glover Hall next to the Student Commons.  Beverage and candy machines are provided for your convenience in the Student Commons. متجر
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