All new and transfer students must submit the following:متجر بلاي
         a.  an official college transcript from each college attended or جواهر
         b.  an official high school transcript with date of graduation or google play download
         c.  a certified copy of GED certificate or scores
   3.  Evidence of TSI compliance تحميل اليوتيوب
If you have taken classes within the past 1 year, you do not have to complete another Application for Admission.  If it has been more than 1 year since you attended WTC, you will need to submit a new Applicationتحميل واتس اب
تنزيل متجر play
 An acknowledgement email will be sent to the email address you provided on your application. سينمانا
You will receive an email notifying you of any missing admissions documents.  If you did not provide an email address on your application, you will receive a letter in the mail. تحميل ببجي
Yes.  All official transcripts from each college and/or university attended must be submitted. المتجر
All entering students must provide proof that the meningitis vaccination has been received or renewed within the last 5 years.  Click Here for more information regarding the new Texas law. واتساب ويب

Not all students are required to take a placement test.  For more information, click HERE.
You will need to visit with an advisor.  For more information, click HERE.واتساب
Some courses require a passing grade of lower level courses.  You will be required to pass this course prior to enrolling in an upper level course.  For more information on prerequisites, click HERE.
Students that are full-time students at another institution do not have their courses transferred to WTC.  You will be required to fill out a Course Registration form and have one of our advisors assist you.  You must log into MyWTC for access to the form which is located in the the "Academic Counseling" box.  Do NOT submit multiple forms as this only slows down the processing of your request.

Your tuition varies upon your credit load and the type of courses you are enrolled in.  You can view your Account Status on your MyWTC Campus Connect account.
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To help you meet your financial needs, Western Texas College offers payment plans.  Click HERE for more information.
يوتيوب عربي
More information about Herring Banks College Green pay plans and Pay Now.  Click HEREبرنامج الاسطورةيلا شوت مباريات اليوم

Applying for financial aid can seem like a complicated process.  WTC has provided you with some HELPFUL TIPS for applying for financial assistance.  If you still need assistance, contact the Financial Aid office.  They will be happy to assist you.  You can email them at
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If eligible for an award, the Financial Aid Office will send an award letter to you at your mailing address on file after your financial aid application has been processed.  You can also view your financial aid award(s) on your MyWTC Campus Connect account.
All students are required to use parents' income on the FAFSA application unless they are 24 years of age, married, a veteran, an orphan/ward of the court, a graduate student or have a dependent that they support 51%.  Students with special circumstances should contact the Financial Aid Office.
Once Financial Aid has received your FAFSA, you will receive an email notifying you of any documents that are required.  If you did not provide and email address, you will receive a letter at the mailing address provided to WTC.

Click HERE to view some of the rules and guidelines for living in housing at Western Texas College. تحميل يوتيوب
نظام نور
Click HERE to view some of the suggested items to bring.
مباريات اليوم
Western Texas College provides an on-campus Health Clinic.  For more information click HERE.
Western Texas College also has an agreement with Cogdell Family Clinic.  You will need to provide your Westerner Card.  تنزيل واتس اب
To make an appointment, you will need to call (325) 573-1300 M-Th.  Mon-Sat you may use their walk-in clinic.
تنزيل سينمانا
Yes.  Coin operated washers and dryers are provided in Glover Hall next to the Student Commons.  Beverage and candy machines are provided for your convenience in the Student Commons. متجر
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