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The Admissions office can help assist with questions about your admissions application.
Click HERE for more information.
All new and transfer students must submit the following:
         a.  an official college transcript from each college attended or
         b.  an official high school transcript with date of graduation or
         c.  a certified copy of GED certificate or scores
   3.  Evidence of TSI compliance
If you have taken classes within the past 1 year, you do not have to complete another Application for Admission.  If it has been more than 1 year since you attended WTC, you will need to submit a new Application
An acknowledgement email will be sent to the email address you provided on your application.
You will receive an email notifying you of any missing admissions documents.  If you did not provide an email address on your application, you will receive a letter in the mail.
Yes.  All official transcripts from each college and/or university attended must be submitted.
All entering students must provide proof that the meningitis vaccination has been received or renewed within the last 5 years.  Click Here for more information regarding the new Texas law.