What is a Westerner Card?  
Western Texas College and Herring Bank have teamed up to offer you a convenient, one-card solution with the Westerner Card. The Westerner Card is a MasterCard Debit Student ID which allows you free access to Herring Bank ATMs and to make no-fee purchases at merchant locations that accept MasterCard signature or pin-based transactions. It’s the easy way to access cash and make purchases on and off campus.
How can I change my PIN?
Call our toll free number at (866)348-3435.
How can I transfer money to my Westerner Card?
Use Online Access to manage your Westerner Card account. You can deposit money to your Westerner Card from your existing bank or credit union account.
To deposit cash directly to your account using Western Union's "Direct to Bank" service, call 866-348-3435 for routing and account numbers.
Lost or Stolen Cards

If you have lost your card, contact the Customer Service Center immediately at 1-866-348-3435 to prevent theft of the funds in your account.  The sooner you report a lost or stolen card, the less chance there is of losing funds.  ID card accounts are FDIC insured, so your losses are limited.  You will also need to go to the ID Card office for a new card.