Learn About Financial Aid

Welcome to Western Texas College!
To check the status of your financial aid, see your bill, or several other options be sure to be logged into MyWTC and click the "Campus Connect" tab.
Still have questions? Contact us at 325-574-7640 or financialaid@wtc.edu.
For more information, please visit our website at http://wtc.edu/students/applying/financialaid.html


Verification is a process through which the Financial Aid office verifies the information you reported on your FAFSA.  Federal regulations require all institutions to perform verification on a percentage of applicants who file for financial aid.  Applicants are randomly selected for verification.  If you are chosen for verification, you will be notified of the required documents.
Any discrepancies found by our department must be corrected and your financial aid eligibility may be affected.  This process can delay your aid, so please respond immediately to any requests from our department.  Should you fail to submit all required documentation, financial aid will not be awarded and/or disbursed.  If funds were disbursed prior to your selection for verification, they may be canceled until your file is complete 
What do I do if I attended another institution in the fall and received PELL?
You will need to transfer your PELL to Western Texas College.
First, you will need to contact your previous institution and have them CANCEL your PELL.  You will then need to go to FASFA and add Western Texas College's institutional code, 009549, to your FASFA.
Additional FORMS may be required by WTC.

This calculator is intended to provide estimated net price information (defined as the estimated cost of attendance - including tuition and required fees, books and supplies, room and board (meals), and other related expenses - minus estimated grant and scholarship aid) to current and prospective students and their families.


Entrance Counseling & Promissory Note

To be eligible for a Federal Student Loan, you must have applied for FAFSA and do your Entrance Counseling and submit your Promissory Note, click HERE.

Loan Acceptance

You must accept loans in the Financial Aid Office!

Exit Counseling

You must complete your Exit Counseling if you graduate or no longer intend to take classes with WTC.  A hold will be placed on your account until this is completed.