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All academic classes will move to an online format for the rest of the semester.

Click Here for more information. 

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Online classes are no longer listed under the campus option of "Western Texas College".  You will need to select the campus option of "WTC-Online".

Many courses require a prerequisite.  For more information, please click HERE.


**If your pre-reqs were taken at an institution other than the school you currently attend, you will need to email an unofficial transcript or qualifying ACT/SAT scores to

Spring 2020

Jan   6                  Campus Opens

Jan  10                 Residence Halls Open

Jan  13                 Registration Deadline

Jan  14                 Student Orientation

Jan  14                 Last Day to Drop and Receive 100% Refund

Jan  15                 Classes Begin

Mar   6                  Residence Halls Close

Mar   9                  Spring Break - Campus Closed Through Friday, March 13th

Mar  15                 Residence Halls Open

Mar  16                 Classes Resume

Apr  10                 Good Friday - Campus Closed

Apr  15                 Last Day to Drop

Apr  24                 Student Awards Day

Apr  29                 Finals Begin

May   4                 Finals End

May   5                 Commencement 10 AM at the Coliseum



Spring Opportunity Session 2020

Feb  10                 Deadline for new admissions

Feb  17                 Registration

Mar    2                 Last day to register

Mar  16                 Last day to drop and receive 100% refund

Mar  17                 Classes Begin

Apr  20                  Last Day to Drop

Apr  29                  Finals Begin

May  4                   Finals End

May   4                  Classes End


Maymester 2020

Apr    1                 Registration

Apr  13                 Deadline for new admissions

Apr  20                 Last day to register

May   6                 Last day to drop and receive 100% refund

May   7                 Classes Begin

May  21                Last day to drop

May  25                Memorial Day - Campus Closed

May  27                Classes End


Summer I 2020

Apr    1                 Registration

May   7                 Deadline for new admissions

May 14                 Last day to register

May 27                 Last day to drop and receive 100% refund

May 28                 Classes begin

Jun  22                 Last day to drop

Jun  29                 Finals and End of Semester


Summer II 2020

Apr    1                 Registration

Jun    1                 Deadline for new admissions

Jun  17                 Last day to register

Jul     1                 Last day to drop and receive 100% refund

Jul     2                 Classes begin

Jul     6                 Campus Closed

Jul   30                 Last day to drop

Aug   5                 Finals and end of Semester