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Many courses require a prerequisite.  For more information, please click HERE.


**If your pre-reqs were taken at an institution other than the school you currently attend, you will need to email an unofficial transcript or qualifying ACT/SAT scores to

Spring 2017

Nov 16                  Registration begins

Jan 4                    Admissions deadline

Jan 9                    Last day to register for online courses

Jan 10                  Last day to register for on campus courses

Jan 11                  1st day of classes

SOS 2017

Feb 13                   Admissions deadline

Feb 20                   Registration begins

Mar 6                    Last day to register

Mar 20                  Classes begin

MayMester 2017

Apr 17                   Admissions deadline

Apr 24                   Registration begins

May 4                    Last day to register

May 11                  1st day of classes

Summer I 2017

Apr 24                  Registration begins

May 17                 Admissions deadline

May 24                 Last day to register

Jun 1                   1st day of classes

Summer II 2017

Jun 5                     Admissions deadline

Jun 12                   Registration begins

Jun 29                   Last day to register

Jul 7                     1st day of classes